LUKALUXHUS OÜ is located in Estonia. Our company specializes in the production, sale, delivery and installation of frame modular homes, various types of baths and products made of logs and timber.

We have a large team of employees and partners involved in the sale, design, production, logistics and professional installation of all our products.

We in LUKALUXHUS are deeply convinced that with us you have a great opportunity to easily design and build a reliable, eco-friendly, warm, stylish and high-quality home that meets all construction standards and EU requirements, at an affordable and average market price.

The high quality of the products we offer, at optimal and moderate prices, will make all of our customers happy.

We are ready to offer our customers not only the sale of our products and their delivery to the site, but also the professional installation of any product offered by us in your homestead anywhere in the world.
The factory package of the FRAME MODULAR HOME consists of:
1. Heat insulated external walls: wall height 2500 mm 

– Facade with wood paneling UYVk 21 × 145 Spruce AB or special panel STEICO intended for plastering

– Ventilation layer 30 × 45 mm
– Wind barrier DELTA
– Additional layer of the windshield 25 mm (for an additional fee)
– Wooden frame C24 / 45 × 195 mm with an interval of 600 mm
– Heat insulation 200 mm (cotton wool)
– Steam insulation 0.2 mm 


2. Material for the frame of internal walls: (position of internal walls and separation of rooms can be changed as desired):

– Frame made of wood C24 / 45 × 95 mm, length 6000 mm

– Prefabricated internal partitions (for an additional fee)

3. Construction of the roof:

– Ventilation layer 30 × 45 mm

– Roofing underlay TYVEK

– Rafters (roof slope 20 or 30 degrees, or at the customer’s choice) 

4. Windows and terrace doors:

Windows and terrace doors, triple glazing, PVC / U = 0.95 W/m²K

5. A set of fasteners and consumables associated with the construction of this project
6. Auxiliary sawn timber necessary for installation
7. Production drawings and construction designs 

PRODUCTION TIME: 4 to 8 weeks from the date of prepayment and signing of the contract

Delivery time: depending on the location

Installation time: 2 to 8 days, depending on the complexity

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