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LukaLuxHus specializes in selling and building frame modular homes, products made of timber and logs, BATH BARRELS and OFURO BATHS

We successfully sell our products and build in the markets of Estonia, Germany, Spain and Russia.

Our products are developed and designed taking into account the climatic conditions of Norway and building standards of the European Union. In the manufacture of our products, we use only quality solid construction timber, high quality thermally modified timber, properly dried sawn timber, as well as high-quality fasteners and auxiliary materials. The external walls and roof are designed to provide minimal loss of energy and heat; the house is ideally protected from snow, rain and wind. Coefficient of heat transfer is 0.13 W/m2K for the roof; 0.16 W/m2K (wood finish) and 0.12 W/m2K (mineral plaster) for the walls.

For the manufacture of our products, we use only certified materials with the Quality Mark. The team of our master-manufacturers and the team of our builders have over 15 years of experience behind them. Our masters at the factory or builders at the site treat every element of our products with care and responsibility, ensuring high-quality work and maximum customer satisfaction. 

The competence, extensive experience, high quality, efficiency, high mobility of the team, expert approach and maximum assistance when selecting a design, as well as organization and logistics. We are ready to offer all of this to our customers and will do this professionally.

All of our products are supplied directly from the manufacturing factory, without any intermediaries.

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