We offer our customers handmade products from our masters, who have many years of experience.

We would like to offer you OFURO BATHS, BARREL BATHS and garden houses.


OFURO BATH is made in Estonia of high quality wood (spruce, pine, larch, thermally modified timber). OFURO BATH is a wooden plunge tub made of natural wood to be filled with hot water (30 to 40 degrees). Water is heated by a wood-burning stove made of stainless steel, installed inside or outside the barrel, at the customer’s choice. We sell a completely ready-to-use product. You can order OFURO BATH in several variations (size, color and configuration).
OFURO BATH is an ideal spa complex for the whole family. All over the world it has established itself as an ideal addition to your homestead. It is ideal for year-round use.

Barrel Sauna

It is also made in Estonia of high-quality wood (pine, spruce, larch, thermally modified timber).
BARREL SAUNA is assembled at the factory and ready for use immediately after delivery.
To our clients, we offer BARREL SAUNAS of two types: round and oval, in various sizes and configurations.
BARREL SAUNA is an excellent choice for your homestead, a good means to relax with your family or friends, recharge and spend your free time with health benefits. The sauna’s unusual shape helps it to heat up very quickly; in about 30 minutes you will get the right temperature inside, while internal aroma of timber and a wood-burning stove will leave an unforgettable impression of the visit.
You do not need to spend time and money to build a sauna in your house or build a separate structure – simply order a ready-made BARREL SAUNA from us!!!!!

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Barrel Saunas


Garden houses

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